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Finally Google is stopping an update for Google Maps after four months



Finally Google is stopping an update for Google Maps after four months

Although Cupertino is constantly expanding its own map app, not a few still rely on Google Maps. And these users looked into the tube in the past four months, that is how long ago the last update was, Now Google is stopping an update for Google Maps.

The search engine company from Mountain View updated its map application for the last time in December. Shortly afterwards, Apple rolled out its new data protection label in the iOS App Store and made it mandatory for developers – since then, users have been waiting in vain for an update from Google Maps to this day.

Google did not implement this until February 2021

With the new data protection label, users should be able to orientate themselves more quickly with the apps in the iOS App Store and be able to see at first glance which user data the respective app collects and collects. Now it is the case that Google lives to a not inconsiderable extent from collecting and evaluating user data. For this reason, Google only started implementing these new privacy labels for its apps in February of this year. With Gmail, this even led to the grotesque situation that the app constantly displayed a warning that the installed app version was out of date. Google Maps was one of the last apps to be given the new data protection labels at the beginning of April.

Version 5.65

Be that as it may, Google has now finally been able to update its mapping application. Google Maps is now available in version 5.65 and seems to contain only minor changes – mostly bug fixes. However, this update allows Google to shorten the time intervals between the individual updates and to introduce new functions soon

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