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SEO and trends in search behavior



SEO and trends in search behavior

The search behavior of users on the Internet is not always the same, but rather shaped by patterns, trends and special events.

Seasonal events

Certain search terms are more or less popular depending on the season. It can be observed every year that gift items such as perfume or vouchers are increasingly sought after around Christmas time. Another example is the release of new products by Apple, such as the current version of the iPhone, which regularly leads to increased search behavior.

Trends in search queries, on the other hand, show a more or less continuous development up or down. A good example of this is the search for the term “electric car”, which has increased significantly in recent years. In contrast, the search for “TFT” shows a downward trend.

Special events

Special events, in turn, lead to a sharp rise in search queries in the short term, followed by a mostly

rapid decline in interest, as shown, for example, by the search for “volcanic ash”. With Google Trends, you can see how much demand has been made for any search term over time. The number of messages relating to the respective terms is also displayed here.

How can you use these trends for search engine optimization? It’s simple: by responding to trends in search queries, or better yet, by anticipating the trends. If, for example, you have an online shop for perfumes, you should have the right and optimized pages on offer in good time for the start of the Christmas business, and in good time so that there is enough lead time for the page to find its way into the indices the major search engines. Or think – very topical – of the soccer World Cup. If you were clever, you optimized your fan article shop for the search term “Vuvuzelas” in good time. Auxiliary tools like Google Trends will help you find the interesting patterns. The opportunities this opens up for the

Search engine optimization results are huge. A little thought and research are enough to keep you well ahead of the competition .

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