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Google New Update for Affiliate Programs 2021- Advance SEO



Google New Update for Affiliate Programs 2021- Advance SEO

Hello Hassan Bilal Here Founder of, Lets Talk about Google New Update for Affiliate Programs, I have seen many people talk about Google’s new update, confusing it with Amazon affiliates; this update is basically for the thin content websites.  All those websites are affected who have fetched the products through API. In You only fetch the product, you cannot add additional information to the article.

Google New Update for Affiliate Programs 2021

Many people were saying that they are affected by this update. Still, it is good for affiliate bloggers to write reviews of 1000 words; in thousand words, they can put much information about the products. Still, nowadays, bloggers are writing up to 5000 words per article.  So these articles are in much detail. The update is for only thin content website

 There is no need to worry if you are doing affiliate blogging and you have enough content on your website means above thousand words.

Google also said that you should put additional information in the articles; it should not be the exact copy-paste from the source. 

You can use different parameters; you can compare the products, you can add reviews, you can add ratings, and any other additional information you can provide about the product will be plus.

Main blog content should be only a minor part of the article. The article should be based on your knowledge and experience. We can also take input from others, but it should not be e exact copy of the original.

Google Affiliate program Update

One more thing ask yourself, “why should users visit you instead of the merchant website.” We have to add more valuable article provide additional information which help user understand the product. Elaborate on different features of the product explain them in detail. It will build the trust and capability of the website.

Google also said that, build a community among the users, Where they can discuss the products and other related stuff.

And the last and essential thing keeps the contents up to date; it will help Google crawl and rank your website Better.

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