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Earning money on the internet – basics for beginners



Earning money on the internet - basics for beginners

Earning money on the internet: The desire to earn a lot of money as quickly as possible and without any effort obscures the senses of many. Seemingly successful role models who have achieved what one dreams of, promising the blue of the sky – and so one quickly gets into a downward vortex that can be very painful and, above all, expensive to escape. In the following I would like to offer a basic article for beginners that shows that the principle of making money is the same everywhere. The internet just shifts the perspective

The principle of making money

The most important thing in advance: Whether on the Internet or in the real world, the principle is always the same:

  • You have to have something to sell (product).
  • You have to find someone to buy it (buyer).

This is completely trivial, but many forget it when they look at ways to earn money online. So, everyone should always ask themselves: what is the product and who is the buyer !?

With a lot of offers that you find when researching money-making, it boils down to the following:

  • The product is what I am offered on the subject of making money (video course, e-book, etc.).
  • You are the buyer yourself.

It is just packaged so skilfully and tastefully that you don’t even notice

Earn money – or better “win” straight away?

First of all: there is a world of difference whether you want to ” earn ” the money (through work) or whether you actually want to ” win ” it. There are a number of (very questionable) figures who want to seduce you into a kind of “Internet stock trading” (” Trading “). This is roughly on par with a “surefire trick for an online casino”. What all these offers have in common is that they expect a financial investment – and warn in the small print that the investment could be quickly gone. So: hands off – if you don’t have enough money anyway, you shouldn’t put what little you have into unpredictable games of chance. But: if you want: “Earning money without work” – you don’t need to read any more. Bye

Make money with surveys

Make money with surveys
Make money with surveys

Some providers lure you with the fact that you get money for your opinion – by simply taking part in surveys. You can do that (if you don’t see through the scam behind it). You get around 3-5 euros per survey. Sometimes more, many like to advertise with “up to 15 euros per survey”. The joke is: is that a perspective? How many surveys do you have to do a day to be able to make a living? Six, eight ten? Every day for two days, five weeks or 20 years?

In addition, there is something that many do not consider: the moment you register yourself as a participant in such a survey switching service, you have revealed a lot more about yourself than you think. You have become a product yourself. In combination with the answers you give in the surveys, you become the ideal milking cow for resourceful advertisers. Because they like to sell this data to other companies without hesitation.

Earn money by “watching ads” or by clicking

It is exactly the same with offers that promise money for watching advertising clips or clicking on certain products. The ostensible purpose of this is to manipulate any rankings with unfair methods. You not only become part of this criminal system, but earn at most in the euro area, which simply offers zero-point-zero long-term prospects.

Earn money as a product tester

In times of Amazon and Co., product reviews are becoming more and more important for the purchase decision. In order to optimize their own products, questionable shop owners are therefore looking for “reviewers” who write positive reviews for good money. But be careful: the whole thing is legally highly questionable.

All the methods mentioned so far have one thing in common: you don’t have anything of your own in your hands afterwards. No lasting value that you can possibly continue to use (for example a website). For those who are really worried about money, these may be ways to earn a few euros in the short term. But you always reveal a lot (and that for an unlimited period of time, the Internet does not forget). None of this is a real perspective for a permanent, stable (secondary) income!

The opportunities of the internet

But of course you can. There are many successful examples of Internet self-employed people who can largely finance themselves through passive income from their websites. But first things first… Let’s assume that you do indeed intend to increase your income through your own work. The question is: what service do you offer? What is it that you give away – and what others pay for it? What is the “product”? What can you even offer?

Earning money with “digital information products”

The so-called ” digital information products ” have been very popular here for years . Basically, these are texts, sometimes with rudimentary illustrations. Mostly they are advice articles. These articles are then usually offered at completely excessive prices on so-called landing pages. There a fake hardcover photo was created for the “product” – and you are pushed to order with a lot of fuss.

The problem is: you have to write such a guide first – and so well-founded that 99% of buyers don’t want their money back. Very few can do that – because if you can write well, you don’t have to worry on the Internet anyway.

Through Commission

But because most of the people who want to get rich quickly and hectically cannot write at all, they have to get help from others. And that is exactly the trick of “making money in the internet mafia”. In most cases it boils down to reselling someone else’s digital information product and receiving a commission for it. In the beginning it may still work because you have some fools in your own circle of friends who buy it. But after a short time the drop is sucked . Then you paid a lot of money for the video course “Earning Money on the Internet” – and got a fraction of it back as a commission. But that was it then. This commission principle is similar to a digital chain letter.

The three problems with digital information products:

  • As a rule, you cannot write it yourself, but have to purchase it from someone for expensive license fees (usually the video course or e-book provider).
  • You only get a commission if you actually sell it on.
  • Almost every piece of information is now freely available on the Internet, which means that interest in expensive information products is falling rapidly.

The only one who really benefits is the one who could talk you into it.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing
Affiliate marketing

The only really promising model for making money online for newcomers in the long term is affiliate marketing . As an affiliate you are like a middleman. You sell someone else’s products and receive a commission for it. But not just any Wischi-waschi-Digi-Info-Product “, but real things from the real inventory management (washing machines, refrigerators, cell phones, etc.)

Many online shops now offer this model, and it is usually called the “partner program”. After logging in, you get your own ID, which is then (usually) placed as a browser cookie on a user’s computer. If a purchase takes place on the shop side, you receive the commission (usually approx. 3 – 10%). The most widely used affiliate partner program is that of Amazon .

As a result, you no longer need your own product, but merely mediate sales – a decisive advantage for many.

Your own website

But of course you first need your own website that visitors have to go to so that such a cookie can even be set. Many fail because of this. Earning money on the Internet means first and foremost: You have to be able to create your own website in the first place. This is a very complex topic (technology, structure, content, media, etc.), but thanks to the really simple WordPress system, you can get a grip on it.

So before you can think about making money on the Internet, you have to be able to create good websites first!

But even when you already have it: of course you need the visitors interested in buying on the website, and that’s exactly what most of them fail.

Generate traffic

Most online courses are therefore now offered on the topic of “generating traffic”. How do you get a lot of interested buyers to your own site quickly and easily? There are potentially many different ways to do this. For a long time, emailing lists were “the secret of success”: the newsletters distributed via them guide people to your own pages or to where you can use your referral cookie.

Then many people bet on “buying” the traffic through advertising (Google Adwords). You can do anything, but you need patience, experience and, above all, financial resources to tackle it.

SEO (search engine optimization)

SEO (search engine optimization)
SEO (search engine optimization)

In the meantime, the topic of “Seo” is increasingly coming to the fore. The thought is also tempting: so many people use Google search every day – if you are shown at the top with your own website, then the ruble rolls.

Unfortunately, SEO is very complex, and the big players have been on the market for years and are mercilessly fighting each other in the battle for the rankings. As a newcomer you definitely don’t have a chance! At least not for “contested terms” with “high search volume” (ie many visitors). A newcomer will definitely not be able to tear anything here – and all those who promise “secret knowledge” are definitely misleading.

Make money with niche sites

The topic of “earning money with niche sites” is actually very old – it has only developed a new style bloom with the term “niche site”. The principle goes like this:

  • You build your own website on a topic that is still “free” on the Internet (or at least has almost no competition).
  • You can get good Google rankings that bring a lot of visitors quickly and easily.
  • The visitors are “monetized” – through advertising banners or affiliate links.

This method is actually the most effective that I know of. You only need about 2-3 years of intensive work to actually build up a relevant additional income. However, only if you are willing to invest 3-4 hours a day in your own pages and the experiences associated with them. How exactly this works is all freely available and can be found on the Internet. You don’t have to book a course for this – but of course you can if you want to have everything prepared in one piece. And if you do that, you have to assume that what is conveyed there is at most half of what is important. And you have to filter out around 50 percent of superfluous half-knowledge, which is rather counterproductive for a sustainable, long-term online business. This does not apply to all courses, of course, but to some …

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A digital property

What many people understand only very late in this context is that your own website is a real, own possession that has real value. The better the content and the more visitors it generates, the higher the potential (or actual) income – and the higher the value of your website. Real, permanent and secure internet income is based on owning such assets – basically a website is like a digital real estate . If one succeeds in building one or more such “digital properties” – then the dream of “making money on the Internet” can really work. I wish you success 🙂

Hassan Bilal is Founder of Techno Hawks an experienced Digital Marketer and SEO Consultant with 10 years of experience, specialized in the integration of SEO, Paid Search, SMM, Affiliate marketing, Content and Analytics for the development of complete and measurable marketing strategies. He worked with brands from around the country including government, non-profit, and small businesses. Over the years he had the opportunity to contribute to the online visibility of several top brands in very com

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